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Congratulations, President Biden

The American people have spoken. Now the hard work begins to make sure the US lives up to our ideals.

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Tax billionaires like the rest of us

Billionaires don’t pay their fair share in taxes. There is no justification for it. We must tax them now to invest in our families and a green economy.

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We demand to know: Why deny COVID-19 vaccines to detained migrants?

The border between Mexico and the US has become a nightmare of our own making. Thousands of refugees desperately seeking asylum are facing impossible odds: either detained in squalid and dangerous conditions on one side, or expelled back to Mexico, facing the likelihood of violent or even deadly assault. Now the US government is refusing to offer vaccines to all refugees in its custody, exacerbating the danger to them and prolonging the pandemic for all of us. We are working to shine a spotlight into the darker corners of our government’s operations, with a request for full information about this perverse decision.

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Vaccines can’t end the pandemic until they reach everyone, everywhere

One year ago, we celebrated as the first (effective and safe) vaccine dose was administered in the US. In the months that followed, many of us were lucky enough to get fully vaccinated, with the hope of getting back to normal. But it’s been a rough road, as the emergence of variants has battered our hopes. In the end, we know that the pandemic won’t end until everyone, everywhere has access to these vaccines. Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+