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Congratulations, President Biden

The American people have spoken. Now the hard work begins to make sure the US lives up to our ideals.

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Tax the rich!

Corporations and the very wealthy spent years gaming the tax code and pressuring Congress to secure an outlandish goal: Pay no taxes. And it worked. But we have a chance right now to address the sickening inequities of the tax code, and raise revenue for jobs-creating infrastructure and the care economy.

Amazon warehouse.jpg Politics of Poverty

Amazon, listening to workers is good business

Oxfam will be attending the Annual General Meeting of Amazon this week to speak in support of our shareholder resolution, which would put an hourly associate on the Board. Our message is simple: Amazon, listen to your workers.

STATE MAP.png Politics of Poverty

Why are governors rejecting federal funds for unemployed workers?

Many of us celebrated when the American Rescue Plan Act included federal supplements to unemployment benefits. The extra $300 a week offers a lifeline to countless working families. However, most Republican governors are making the alarming decision to turn down the help. What the heck is going on? Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+