Call your Senators to protect the most vulnerable to COVID-19

Congress must pass a COVID-19 relief bill before Election Day. There is not time to delay bipartisan talks—the American people need support NOW. We urgently need to demand the next COVID-19 relief bill do more to help people in the US and around the world. Follow these three simple steps to make a big impact:

Step 1—Find your Senators here.

Step 2—Call (202) 224-3121 for the Congressional switchboard operator and ask for your Senators.

Step 3—Tell your Senator to support! Here’s a script to make it easier for you:

Hi I am a constituent and voter from ________ and I am calling because I’m worried that the COVID-19 pandemic is having devastating impacts on vulnerable people here and around the world.

Instead of rushing to consider a new Supreme Court justice, the Senate must pass the new HEROES Act that does more to:

  1. Provide life-saving foreign aid to fight COVID-19 and address increasing hunger among the most vulnerable people around the world
  2. Protect workers, not corporations, by implementing commonsense safety standards and rejecting efforts to limit corporate liability in cases related to COVID-19
  3. Guarantee safe and fair elections in November by providing urgent funding to help protect the vote

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