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For almost 80 years, people like you have fueled Oxfam’s mission to end the injustice of poverty. Join us today on the next chapter of this journey—the upcoming US presidential election. Here's everything you need to fight for Dignity for All in 2020.

Demand 2020 candidates commit to bold action


Action alert: It's now or never to save the planet

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Climate action is non-negotiable. More than 7 million people took to the streets for the global climate strikes, calling for immediate steps to save our planet. With Oxfam, demand today that all 2020 candidates commit to bold climate action that reduces US emissions and protects the poorest and most vulnerable from climate catastrophe. See the full pledge text here.

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Why Dignity for All?

Everyone deserves to be treated equally. We all deserve the same basic rights: a livable planet, food, shelter, education, healthcare. No matter where or how you live in this world, we all deserve to be treated with dignity and compassion. Go back in time and learn how Oxfam has been fighting for Dignity for All since our founding—and why we need you in 2020.

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Don't take the right to vote for granted

First-time voter Abdi Iftin, a Somali refugee, shares why he’s excited to vote in the 2020 election, and reminds us why it’s important to vote. Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+