Dignity for All: Policy bird dogging questions

Will you be going to meet presidential candidates at town halls, fundraisers, or other public appearances? Raise your hand, grab the mic, and ask candidates where they stand on key issues. Ask your own question or pick one from below, but do a little research so you know what the candidate has said on the topic in the past. Remember to always be calm, respectful, and reasonable. Don’t forget to take notes and share what you learn!

The climate crisis

1. How will you ensure your climate plan matches the scale of the climate crisis, even if your party does not control Congress?

2. Will you commit to significantly reducing dangerous greenhouse gas emissions while also dramatically scaling up climate adaptation assistance to help the poorest communities around the globe that are the first and worst affected by climate change?

Gender equality

1. Will you commit to championing gender equality by creating and appointing a cabinet-level position to oversee an office of women’s rights and gender equality in the White House?

2. Will you commit to reversing discriminatory policies, such as the Hyde Amendment and the global gag rule?

Opportunity for all

1. Will you raise taxes on the rich and close corporate tax loopholes to protect American jobs, prevent tax-haven abuse, and provide funding for programs that provide opportunity for all?

2. How will you use the power of the presidency to ensure decent work and a living wage for every person in the US?

Refugees & migrants

1. Will you protect people forced to flee their homes by committing to resettle at least 125,000 refugees in your first year in office and reverse the Muslim Ban?

2. How will you address the root causes of migration, including violence, poverty, and climate change, in Central America and elsewhere, so people are not forced to flee their homes to seek refuge elsewhere?

Global human rights

1. Will you end US military support and arms sales to Saudi Arabia, which is contributing to the humanitarian crisis and famine in Yemen?

2. Will you support modernizing and increasing foreign assistance investments that save lives, and fight poverty and corruption, including support for international organizations like the UN?

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